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Grand Tournament Elites LLC is a newly formed high school amateur baseball tournament business based in Orlando, FL with anticipation of expanding into other cities and states. Created in 2020 by George J. Tavarez, his love and passion for the game brought about the idea of creating an all wood bat summer regional league. This organization has the ability to allow athletes to develop and learn to overcome hurdles in all aspects of the game, physically and mentally. Grand Tournament Elites State Regionals and Grand Tournament Elites National Tournament are composed of strength and conditioning, basic fundamentals, player development, intersquad practices, showcases, regional games, and tournaments.


“Our mission at Grand Tournament Elites is to bring exposure to high school baseball athletes by offering a challenge to take part in a competitive tournament that provides an overall advantage to its participants.”

Baseball on a glove

basbeall team

What Makes us Different?

Grand Tournament Elites stands apart from other existing tournaments due to its ability to individually challenge each athlete at each encounter. This unique approach to challenge is what allows athletes to grasp, learn, and endure the task of competition, enabling them to move on to the next level of play.


George Tavarez is the founder and CEO of Grand Tournament Elites. He was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx, NY. George is an alumni of Aviation High School in Queens, NY and has over 17 years working in the aviation industry. With years of experience as former athlete himself, he knows very well that success comes from discipline, hard work and perseverance. George’s passion for the game has allowed him to envision the game in a way that benefits athletes on all aspects of performance. His mission is to provide athletes with a strong foundation that will allow them a bright start to an athletic career.

CEO George Tavarez

When crafting our logo, George aimed for a design that encapsulated the essence of the game—simple yet unique. Out of the intricate web of 108 double stitches binding the cork, rubber, and cowhide leather of a baseball, he chose only 9.

GTE Logo History

A closer look reveals these 9 stitches, but to Grand Tournament Elites, they symbolize far more. They represent the 9 Baseball Players positioned on both sides of the field—9 Hitters and 9 Fielders. They mirror the scoreboard chronicling 9 innings for both Away and Home teams. Moreover, they embody the physics of a baseball, precisely 9 inches in circumference, and the graceful curvature of the stitched seam. This detail reflects the game’s depth, portraying the perseverance each player confronts in their quest for success, not solely within baseball but in life itself.

To some, it’s merely 9 stitches amidst 108, but to us, it signifies a narrative that extends far beyond the seams of a baseball.